Using SMARTfit in Clinical Experience at Neurotek

Bev Quee shares how Neurotek are using SMARTfit in clinical experience in their clinic.


SMARTfit is effective for a broad range of neurological and orthopedic indactions and lends itself to rehab by offering the following features:

  • Repetition
  • High dose
  • CNS input
  • Feedback
  • Challenging
  • Rewarding
  • Task oriented training
  • Motivating
  • Attention demanding
  • Problem solving

SMARTfit facilitates:

  • Dual tasking/multiple tasking
  • Visual-cognitive-motor training
  • Vestibular-balance training
  • Somatosensory function

First patient: Jeb who has a traumatic brain injury.  SMARTfit is used to improve upper body strength and visual scanning by having him playing with the ball to the targets.  He vecivorates.  When on the SMARTfit, he can concentrate for up to 20 minutes without vociferation while doing SMARTfit tasks.

Second Patient:  Stroke patient with very limited movement and fatigues easily.  We focus a lot on reach using the SMARTfit Strike Pods to facilitate reach.

he is usually asleep in his wheelchair when he arrives but wakes up quickly and is fully awake and participates actively throughout the session.  We position the pods in different locations to get the patient to visually scan and reach.

Third Patient: Stroke patient uses a ball to throw at the targets to facilitate active arm movement and shoulder flexion.  We place the pods low to get him to do side stepping activities.

With some patients we use the ergotrainer to support weight and keep the patient safe when doing the activities.

We also use SMARTfit as clinical experience, as well as part of a circuit. When engaging on SMARTfit, patients increase their repetitions significantly while also providing more cognitive focus and increased endurance.

SMARTfit has a wide versatility and is an important part of the services we provide at Neurotek.  Our patients are engaged and we never incur resistance to doing the tasks.  The system is easy to use and the patients don’t need a lot of supervision when doing their tasks.


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