SMARTfit User Interface App - Turnkey Programming at Your Fingertips

SMARTfit’s user interface app includes programming designed to help trainers and therapists quickly and easily plan their workout sessions, track results, scale progress and generate reports. Simply set up your clients, choose a suitable pre-designed program, assign it to your client and click start. It’s as easy as that.

Design Programs, Measure, Track and Report on Performance

SMARTfit’s Android/iOS user interface allows trainers to configure a comprehensive collection of gamified activities and programs to fit the full spectrum of visual-cognitive-motor development. Custom training plans developed by industry experts allows therapists to get started quickly and if desired, create their own approach to match the needs of their clients.

  • Operate system via iOS/Android mobile user interface app
  • Customize settings and design your own activities, programs and reports from 38 separate categories and over 600 activities in addition to 150 free video supported programs
  • Adjustable cognitive intensity and physical exertion levels
  • Individual user accounts with personalized programs and presets
  • Track and record patient performance and results
  • Frequent content upgrades available via automatic on-line distribution

See This in Action

The SMARTfit User Interface Dashboard

Our Easy-to-use, SMARTfit Android/iOS user interface, available for download on the both the Apple App Store and Google Play, provides you with the tools to customize and tailor programming to challenge and develop any level of cognitive-motor performance. It currently includes over 600 free video supported activities and programs designed to meet different cognitive, sensorimotor and physical outcomes.

Data breakdown can be displayed by querying, graphing, reporting and exporting. SMARTfit focuses on comprehensive programming and on providing evidence-based data which will ensure sustained use at your facility. Storage of all data is in the App and can be easily and securely exported.

Programming Modules

SMARTfit’s User Interface app ignites enthusiasm and engagement as participants can see and measure precisely how they are improving with each attempt. Clinicians can use the data to scale programming appropriately and SMARTfit’s free video-demonstrated activities and turnkey programs assure quick and easy treatment start ups. Pre-designed programming can be selected to focus on:

  • Physical Therapy – Neurological and Orthopedic Programming for Gait Training, Balance, Vestibular, Post-injury Conditioning and Cognitive Training
  • Occupational Therapy – ADL Training, Upper-extremity Impairments and Cognitive Therapy
  • Sports Rehabilitation – Return-to-Play Evaluation, Reaction Training, Sports Vision, Speed and Agility Training
  • Medical Rehabilitation – Balance and Coordination, Memory, Cognitive-Motor and Mobility Programming
  • Pediatric Rehabilitation – Brain Injuries, SCI, Neuromuscular Disorders, Balance, Sensory Integration and Biobehavioral Disorders
iPad strike data screenshot

The Ultimate Mobile Programming User Interface

SMARTfit data management can system can track each patient’s results by:

  • Score: Low, Average, High
  • Accuracy: Low, Average, High
  • Accuracy Percent (%)
  • Average Reaction Time
  • Baseline and progress capture and reporting
  • Growth Analysis % – showing progress or regression in any specific activity

Target Analysis

The following programming and data analysis are also provided:

  1. Strike Analysis based on optional pre-selected target selection and sequences or random triggering
  2. Score: Strike Data
  3. Accuracy: Strike Data
  4. Average Reaction/response Time: Strike timing
  5. Target Analysis – Accuracy by Each Target
  6. Average Response Time: Target Breakdown (sec.)
  7. Score: target Breakdown (#)
SMARTfit app navigation chart

Online Tutorials/Multi-language Help/Manuals

SMARTfit makes all this available inside the user interface app making it intuitive to customize and navigate.

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