Track Brain-Body Wellness and Rehab Results Across Your Entire Organization

SMARTfit is an evidence-based technology that automatically tracks data from your rehab or wellness programs across your entire organization – allowing you to demonstrate efficacy at HQ, increase staff accountability, motivate participants by sharing assessment and training results with them, and market the overall results to attract more participants and differentiate your business!

Our major new update does all that and more, tracking key brain and body performance data by participant, trainer/therapist, and location. Clients, residents, and members love the experience. The gamified, dual-task (brain-body) programming not only gets faster and more effective results – it’s also engaging and challenging for all ages and ability levels, so people keep returning for more.

SMARTfit delivers the world’s first comprehensive baseline test of cognitive capabilities while the person is moving, followed by a 12-week program to improve identified weaknesses. Designed initially for older adults, SMARTfit training improves ADLs (activities of daily living), reduces falls, and can slow or prevent MCI and Parkinson’s. It’s also being used across the world to improve military tactical performance, neuro-rehab, brain-body wellness, functional fitness, physical therapy and youth programs.

Download as PDF here

We invite you to join us for a personalized Zoom demo here

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