Roles and Modes

What’s a Role?  

There are two groups of roles, one for trainers and one for clients. Depending on your organization, you may use different terms for these roles. The chart below details the possible roles that fall into each category: 

Manager Managed
Trainer Client
Doctor Patient
Therapist Student
Teacher Athlete
Coach Member


In this course, we will use the terminology Trainer and Client to keep things simple.

  • A Trainer account has the ability to manage client accounts and groups, run training, and analyze data.
  • A Client has the ability to collect their data, analyze their data and create their own programs.

What’s a Mode?  

Mode describes your organizational setup. There are three available modes: 

  • Rehab 
  • Fitness/Sports 
  • Home Fitness/Sports 

The mode you select will change the Predesigned Activities and Programs you’ll see. 

In the next lesson, you’ll learn about Cloud vs Local Sign-In. 

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