Multi-Site Setup: Introduction and Planning

Do you need to learn about Multi-Site Setup to best utilize your SMARTfit system? First, let’s review what a site is, and what multi-site setup refers to. 


What is a Site? 

A “site” is a space with:

  1.  Its own SMARTfit system
  2.  At least one trainer
  3.  At least one client

A site can refer to geographic locations like cities or just different rooms in a single building, provided each location or room meets the criteria above. 


Why Are Multi-Site Organizations Different?

SMARTfit’s advanced reporting and data collection features can greatly benefit an organization with multiple locations. However, someone needs the permission settings to manage and track this information from a central account – otherwise each site will operate independently with no oversight over data or user permissions. 

By utilizing multi-site features, an organization can control any of the below settings from a central Headquarters (HQ), leaving their trainers free to run sessions and work with clients. 


Settings Controlled by HQ could include: 
  • Admin Account (including Location Lead) permission levels
  • Trainer permission levels
  • Client Data Analysis
  • Activity and Program Selection
  • SMARTfit System Configuration Settings
  • Group and Subgroup Structure
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