Memory, Pairing, and Sequencing Categories

There are three types of Memory Categories, called Memory, Pairing, and Sequencing; all have a high cognitive level. The games for each category are similar, as you can see in the below table.

Memory Pairing Sequencing
Memory Pairs – Color Pairing – Colors
Memory Pairs – Numbers Pairing – Numbers Memory Sequence – Numbers
Memory Pairs – ABC Pairing – ABC Memory Sequence – Alphabet
Memory Pairs – Shapes Pairing – Shapes
Memory Pairs – Dice Pairing – Dice
Memory Symbols Pairing – Symbols

The settings between all three categories are the same, including the important setting “Level”. As you’ll learn, the lower number levels are easier for clients while the higher number levels are more difficult.


The below activity explains the Memory, Pairing, and Sequencing categories. When you’ve finished it, click Mark Complete below to move to the next category.

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