Managing Connections

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On the Home Menu, “Manage Connections” is the setting that connects your app with the system you’re using so programming can be run. As such, you will need to click on this setting each time you want to run training on the SMARTfit system. Systems are identified by their 8 digit Controller ID code.



To disconnect from a system, go to Manage Connections and click the “X” in the upper right corner. Alternatively, you can also close the app so it’s not in use by your device.

Remember you can only connect one device to one system at a time. If you experience difficulties connecting, turn off other active Bluetooth connections like headphones, etc.


To recap:

  • You must tap Manage Connections to pair with your system each time you run a session.
  • You only need to change your Controller Settings (as we learned about in the previous topic) if something has changed since the last time you ran training.
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