Independent – Dual Task Cost Tests

You’ve learned about Baseline Programs, contained in the Test Tab. Now we will dive deeper into the Dual Task Cost Tests that are also available in the test tab.

Note: Tests are available in Rehab mode, and might not be available for every system configuration (ie Strike Pods).

As a reminder, the test tab uses real-world recognized tests at varying cognitive difficulty levels to test a client’s baseline performance and track changes over time.

Dual Task Cost Tests

These tests measure the loss of performance when doing a cognitive and physical task simultaneously versus separately. An example would be playing a Seek the Number activity while also utilizing a Sit to Stand command.


The test will then generate a PDF report showing the Cognitive Only Task Analysis, Dual Task Analysis, and Dual Task Cost Analysis. The trainer will notice that performance typically drops from the first two tasks to this Dual Task, and the percent of that performance drop is the Dual Task Cost. The lower the percent here (closer to 0) the better, because that indicates the client is not overly taxed while doing a cognitive task and an unrelated physical task.

When using Dual Task Cost Tests to measure client growth, a trainer wants to see the most improvement in the Dual Task Cost portion of the report, since that indicates improved connections between the client’s physical and mental cognition.

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