Analyzing Data

Once data is exported to Excel, any sort of data analysis can be performed. The details of how to perform these analyses are outside the scope of this course, but the below list gives an idea of possibilities:


  • Use pivot tables
  • Sort and filter data
  • Use conditional formatting


  • Data from multiple clients can be compared
  • One client’s data over multiple programs or activities can be compared
  • Client data can be aggregated for a whole facility and tracked for improvements
  • One trainer’s client base can be aggregated to track overall improvements

As you may have noticed in the previous lesson, data is exported from SMARTfit individually. This means a client’s data for Program #1 must be exported, then their data from Program #2. It also means data for Client #1 must be exported separately from the data for Client #2. Once these individual exports are complete, they can be copied into a sheet or workbook in Excel.

Just as importantly, raw data from SMARTfit can be transferred to a facilities’ existing data management system. This data could be fed to client files, improvement plans, etc, or could be compared to historical patient data. The possibilities for this sort of integration are endless and unique, based on a facilities’ capabilities.

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