SMARTfit Releases First Ever Dual Task Technology For Predicting and Preventing Cognitive Decline and Falls in Older Adults

SMARTfit’s new Turnkey Dual Task Cost testing, reporting and training is designed to provide valuable tools that help to predict and prevent cognitive decline and falls in older adults.

“We’re excited as we believe our new technology will help to improve quality of life, lower care costs, and also be highly enjoyable and engaging for participants”, said Cathi Lamberti, SMARTfit Founder and CEO.

As Older Adults return to post Covid-19 life, they and their children are concerned how lockdowns have affected their cognitive and motor performance and how that might lead to falls, cognitive decline, and loss of physical independence.

In active aging CCRC’s, skilled nursing, memory care and assisted living facilities, loss of ADLs (activities of daily living) has also become a matter of great financial concern as it relates directly to staffing costs needed to take care of individuals who can’t perform basic daily functions.

In anticipation of this, SMARTfit engineers and clinicians have developed the first ever, 5-minute Dual Task Cost Test.  The resulting baseline report identifies cognitive, motor, and dual task weakness, then recommends SMARTfit training exercises and programs to improve those weaknesses.

The test and training are engaging, non-threatening, and appropriately challenging for all levels due to SMARTfit’s unique use of gamification.  The person sees themselves as playing the game rather than working out.

This video takes you through one of SMARTfit’s 24 Dual Task Cost Tests and training programs.

SMARTfit’s new portable Low Impact Mini allows you to deploy the test and training programs directly to people in their rooms, saving valuable time and costs.  A single staff person can test and train up to three individuals per hour.

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