SMARTfit ProTrainer

The SMARTfit® ProTrainer can be configured in two, three, or four connected sections to form an integrated electronic backboard, or, form competing stations aligned side-by-side. Each section hosts its own scoreboard and 9 strike/touch-sensitive targets which register location of a strike.

When operating as an electronic backboard, the sections register a single score. When operating as stations, each station will register its own competing score. This versatility offers the benefits of both large group/team training as well as for ball sports where the system doubles as a responding opponent. The ProTrainer adjustable sensing system can withstand impact from hands, feet, boxing gloves, and any air-filled medicine or sports ball.


The Professional Functional, Brain and Sport Performance Training Station

The SMARTfit® Mini can be wall-mounted, floor-mounted or portable, and can be configured to interact with up to five Strike Pods. SMARTfit® Mini on-frame and portable options incorporate the ability to move the station up and down as needed to suite the reach of players. The system can be permanently bolted to the floor or stabilized with weights. The portable option provides a pneumatic lift system that allows for raising the system off the floor for easy relocation.

This portability makes the SMARTfit® Mini a good option for Clinical, Youth, Schools, Fitness and Active Aging markets.

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