SMARTfitOS Equipment Option Best Suited to Rehab Applications

The SMARTfit  Mini Trainer is the ideal equipment option for all rehab applications.  Systems options include:

  • SMARTfit Mini On-Wall –  is permanently secured to a wall and takes up the least space.
  • SMARTfit Mini On-Frame – includes its own metal frame structure, is well balanced to take high impact training and can be moved on a dolly.
  • SMARTfit Mini Portable – includes its own metal frame structure as well as a pneumatic pump system to raise it off the floor and allow easy movement 

SMARtfit turnkey solutions are designed to include turnkey rehab programming that is customizable to suite individual needs. 

SMARTfit Turnkey solutions include assistance with:

  • Facility design/layout
  • B2C marketing support
  • Installation
  • Training
  • Programming
  • Upgrades
  • SMARTfit Academy – Certification in the best implementation of programs
  • On-line video training and customer support.

SMARTFit Strike Pods Addition

SMARTfit Strike Pods are available as as wireless pods designed to function in a 360 degree space around the SMARTfit Mini. 

Strike targets for SMARTfit OS

SMARTfit Mini

The SMARTfit Mini Trainer system takes the nine touch point play system found in our larger training consoles, and delivers the unique gameplay experience in half-sized personal training station.

This system by itself produces an immersive brain and body fitness challenge with 38 separate operating modes and hundreds of unique challenges.

Combining this system with SMARTfit Strike Pods allows the user to build 360 degree play environments and even more immersive workout configurations for completely personalized training sessions.

The SMARTfit Mini
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