SMARTfit Positions Itself to Be at the Forefront

SMARTfit Positions Itself to Be at the Forefront of the Global Cognitive Assessment and Training Market

With the global cognitive assessment and training market projected to grow over 600% by 2028, SMARTfit Inc., a technology platform focused on training the brain and body together sets its eyes on capturing a significant portion of this multi-billion dollar market opportunity with its unique blend of gamified, customizable and scalable training programs.

Already in over 600 locations in 14 countries, SMARTfit is targeting neuro rehabilitation, physical therapy, active aging, senior care, fitness, and human performance training facilities which are all part of this same, fast-growing market.

The idea is simple – The brain and body can be trained to work more effectively together using new gamified SMARTfit technology, which enhances cognitive function, physical mobility, and overall performance.

The results are compelling – reduced fall risk, improved daily activity function and rehab outcomes, quicker athletes, superior soldiers, and more.

Implementation is easy with SMARTfit’s evidence-based gamified technology and programming.

SMARTfit founder and CEO Cathi Lamberti explains: “At the start, we quickly realized the challenge of capturing the reaction time of the fastest humans in a 360-degree playing environment. We realized there was no operating system fast enough to achieve this on an affordable computer processor.

SMARTfit technology had to fully engage the very fastest performers as well as the most frail without ever under-challenging or overwhelming either. It had to be adaptable to cognitive and physical input ranging from a single person to a team in a group training environment.  It is reminiscent of Microsoft having to create the Windows operating system before it could offer MS Office.  To ensure SMARTfit’s solutions could be affordable, a major challenge to SMARTfit’s engineers was to enable a micro-computer to achieve results previously available only with a costly supercomputer. They also had to capture individual personal performance data for baseline and progress-tracking purposes in a 360-degree training arena with up fifty participants. ”

Lamberti continues: “Today we are excited to affirm that these challenges have been met, and have created a strong and versatile foundation for today’s SMARTfit products, as well as for those planned for the future.  Our decision in 2012 to create our own operating system rather than trying to adapt to existing ones proved essential to our success today.

SMARTfit is a disruptor to human training programs.  Our choice to launch our fundraising campaign on StartEngine is also a disruptor as it allows us to bypass venture capital in order to better protect the interests of our founding shareholders.  SMARTfit’s technology and product lines are complete and the concept has been proven in over 600 rehab, retirement and performance facilities, now allowing incoming investments to go toward funding our growth.”

SMARTfit develops gamified technology with interactive programming that enhances cognitive function, physical mobility, and overall human performance by training the brain and body to work more effectively together. Book a zoom demo to learn how SMARTfit can boost your business.

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