SMARTfit Included in Dual Tasking Study

A Dual Tasking study at the Pacific Brain Health Center at the Neuroscience Institute in Santa Monica, California has included SMARTfit in their 4-week UCLA study.

Women hitting the targets on SMARTfit OS

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“When you do exercise you grow new neurons within the hippocampus which is our memory center. However those neurons will quickly die off in the absence of a cognitive stimulation environment,” Said Dr. Sarah McEwen during a recent ABC News interview regarding a dual tasking study. “So doing cognitive training and physical exercise training at the same time has a greater effect than doing either separately.”

SMARTfit can be used to capture the evidence of conditions, the treatment/training, and the progress of the interaction between the cognitive and motor functions. SMARTfit focuses on dual-tasking coupled with high-level engagement through gamification to enhance cognitive motor performance.

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