Meet Nancy, a favorite senior patient at Pearl Physical Therapy in Plattsburgh, upstate New York, who is training with Elizabeth to enhance her motor control and mobility, starting with focus on her left arm.  Her therapy is taking place on the SMARTfit Mini, a dual task training device designed to concurrently train both the brain and the motor system.

This is achieved by engaging the patients in a game to get them to do combined physical and mental tasks to achieve a score which represents their rate of progress and serves to heighten mental engagements while doing the exercise.

Each SMARTfit exercise has an intended focus that can be activated to match the cognitive and motor capability of the patient.  The gamification of the exercise not only makes it fun, it also accelerates recovery because the patient is encouraged by sound effects to try her best.  This heightened effort actually helps speed up her motor control and mobility recovery.

Each week Nancy shows up to take on the SMARTfit challenge and push her limits and each week she is making great strides at her recovery.  Note how quickly she transitions to more challenging tasks while always giving it her best. She also looks forward coming to rehab because it is fun and it feels more like play than hard work.

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