Rozina and Smith Using SMARTfit Technology in 2019

In 2009, Mary Rozina, PT, co-owner of Rozina and Smith Physical Therapy in Upland, California was looking for an ancillary rehab tool that was versatile and combined the motor visual and cognitive training that is used on our diverse patient population.

“Currently, we are using SMARTfit quite a bit on our concussion patients who struggle to perform dual task, motor and cognitive activities.

These patients often times have concomitant vestibular injuries post-concussion.  And we are able to tailor our protocols to improve that motor, vestibular and cognitive connection.

It really helps us to break the sport-specific rehab that’s often done post injury. it allows us to work with reaction time visual tracking cardiovascular training and of course, strength.  We love the SMARTfit and it’s been a great adjunct to Rosina & Smith physical therapy.”

After seeing evidence that athletes improved their speed, neuromuscular coordination, and endurance, as well as plyometric and strength training in multi-planar motion patterns, SMARTfit was incorporated into other rehab applications.

“We find the SMARTfit is an incredible adjunct to progressive resistance training and manual therapy. We have also incorporated the SMARTfit training as part of our Total Joint and Stroke Rehabilitation protocols. SMARTfit technology allows us to incorporate activities which improve dynamic balance on both stable and unstable surfaces, standing reach activities and improve reaction time for our Geriatric patient population. Our higher-level stroke patients’ benefit from the many SMARTfit programs focused on improving cognition and motion.”

In 2019, Rozina and Smith is now using SMARTfit technology on most of their patients

We are so excited that Mary saw SMARTfit in the early days and recognized what it could do for her patients. She stepped in and helped us evolve the product for rehabilitation and we are forever grateful for her for.

Thank you Mary Rozina of Rozina and Smith for guiding our company in the development of the SMARTfitOS technology for Physical Therapists. We listened and implemented all of your suggestions which has given our medical rehab solution a solid foundation to build on.

If you would like to learn more about the SMARTfit please contact us for a FREE online demo.

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