Royal Rehab Hospital – Using SMARTfit in Clinical Experience by Carla Colagrassi

Carla Colagrassi, OT assistant at Royal Rehab Hospital in Sydney joined us on a Zoom call to share the hospital’s success story with SMARTfit in neuro and orthopedic rehab as well as reconditioning for patients suffering from chronic illnesses.

She shared three examples to show the diversity of SMARTfit:

  1. Ken has Parkinson’s –  his goals were to improve mobility, balance and speech communication. The game chosen in this example called for a low level cognitive demand coupled with counting out loud in accordance with striking the numbers as they were spoken.  He started with the seated position first due to his balance issues then migrated to doing the exercises while standing.
  2. Ellen – has a spinal cord injury as well as a severe pressure injury.  Her goals were to improve her upper limb strength and endurance. The game chosen for this exercise was Track Left-Right-Both and Ellen was given  Free weights to strike the targets using the correct choice of hand/s.  The weights helped her to improve her strength while a longer duration of the game helped her to improve her endurance.
  3. Lucille – is a reconstruction patient whose goals were improve her mobility, balance and cognition.  The game chosen was Seek the Letter and the dual task activity included sit-to-stand to help build her lower limb strength while engaging in the high level cognitive task.

The hospital recently put together a client feedback form to evaluate the effectiveness of SMARTfit from a client point of view. The results revealed that the patients had a positive impression indicating that SMARTfit helped them to achieve their goals and contributed positively to their rehab experience.



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