Clinical Trials

SMARTfit Training for Parkinson's Disease

Completing and Currently Being Analysed

Study Start Date: May 19, 2018

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Dual-task Training for Function in MCI

Stage 1 complete and in Review
Stage 2 commencing soon

Estimated Study Start Date of stage 2: September 2019

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White Papers

SMARTfit and Active Aging

According to the Alzheimer’s Association, the 2018 costs of Alzheimer’s dementia in the US alone total approximately $277 billion dollars. With a steadily increasing population of older adults, it has become critical to detect, manage, and prevent cognitive decline.

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SMARTfit in Mental Health

SMARTfit interactive brain health training solutions offer a unique approach to improving the physical, cognitive and mental health of individuals who usually don’t work out or play sports.  The key to engaging these populations is the use of gamification to immerse participants in playing exercise games that are easy to learn yet engaging, with enough challenge to trigger the desire to achieve and improve.

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