Physical Therapy Solutions

SMARTfitOS Physical Therapy solutions and programs put the focus on improving the patient’s brain motor network. Programming is custom, scalable and reportable. SMARTfitOS aids in the treatment of balance and vestibular disorders. Therefore, SMARTfitOS improves memory and is ideal for brain training. In addition, it is ideal for post-concussion treatment along with the treatment of neural injuries and disorders.

SMARTfitOS programs address a variety of Physical Therapy patient needs. Patients perform exercises that improve visual, brain and motor function. As a result, this positively affects their brain and central nervous system health. Research shows a strong link between the delay or reversal of age-related brain function decline and an active lifestyle. Most importantly, SMARTfitOS also delivers customized, scalable and evidence-based programming and reporting.

SMARTfitOS Physical Therapy Applications:

  • Balance and Vestibular
  • Gait and pre-gait training
  • Movement disorders and cardiovascular conditioning
  • Improve concentration, decision-making and problem-solving
  • Improve reaction time, visual attention and memory
Woman using SMARTfit OS for physical therapy and active aging
Woman using SMARtfit OS for active aging and physical therapy

SMARTfitOS Provides Many Benefits to Physical Therapists

SMARTfitOS is great for patients of all ages. Consequently, it provides dual-task activities for neurological and orthopedic needs.

Getting started with SMARTfitOS is easy. Therapists and their assistants will enjoy the simple set-up and quick access to programs. As a result, they can treat patients with a broad range of specific protocols.

The Therapist reporting software, the SMARTfitOS baseline and progress report generator, saves time.

Physical Therapy Patients using SMARTfitOS are Motivated to Complete their Treatment

SMARTfitOS is engaging, fun and motivating! Above all, it is enjoyed by patients of all ages and abilities! Scaleable programs build patient success.

Fun therapy activities promote retention and fast recovery. In conclusion, the ability to see progress from session to session motivates patients to complete their treatments.

"SMARTfitOS is a great addition to strength training and manual therapy. We use SMARTfitOS training in our Total Joint and Stroke Rehabilitation protocols. SMARTfitOS technology has programs that improve balance on both stable and unstable surfaces. Standing reach activities improve the reaction of our older patient population. Our higher level stroke patients benefit from SMARTfitOS programs focused on improving brain health and motion."
Mary Rozina
Rozina and Smith Physical Therapy

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