Patients Progress Reporting Provides BURD PT With Essential Tools

If you have ever been to our clinic, one of the first machines you will notice is the SMARTfit machine. This is a great tool we use with patients which provides reporting needed to track our patient’s progress throughout their rehab here.

One of the main things we look at with our patient’s progress is strike score.  We can track the patient’s score across all their appointments to ensure the score continually rises.

The target breakdown score shows us any weakness a patient may have with a particular target so that we can then focus directly on where to improve.

The response time graph shows us how quickly a patient is able to strike a target.  This is especially helpful for cognitive patients and also for patients recovering from an injury or surgery.

Lastly, one of the things we show patients is their overall score.  The overall growth rate chart provides a score for patient’s overall progress throughout the smartfit program

I hope this sheds light on how we use the SMARTfit to track our patient’s progress.

The SMARTfit has been a vital investment for our clinic and our patients absolutely love it.


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