Our Mission

Our mission is to offer a leading-edge visual-cognitive-motor rehabilitation technology that focuses on promoting neurogenesis and brain plasticity.

Our clinical programming provides the missing link by focusing on training the brain to function more efficiently while concurrently placing a cognitive-motor demand on the body. SMARTfit technology is based on Hebbian Theory, “neurons that fire together wire together.”

Persistent rehabilitation treatments promoted by SMARTfit’s gamified programming promotes myelination which turns these neurons into highly efficient superhighways bringing about improved memory, visual tracking, reaction times and human movement in the impaired individual or highest athlete.

The Model

Our line of ‘Seize The Now’ training systems, covering all markets, meets the needs of all people and all skill levels and is operated by an iOS/Android user interface app, called SMARTfitOS. People can enlist in an instructor supervised or self-monitored training program that meets them at their level of competence and leads them to greater levels of neurological, motor and physical efficiency in record time.

Our powerful performance tracking and monitoring system is highly engaging and motivating. Exercise is fun for everyone regardless of age or ability.

Woman smiling after using SMARTfit OS for fitness
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