SMARTfitOS Programs for Occupational Therapy

SMARTfitOS Occupational Therapy  solutions engage patients in multi-sensory activities that help to facilitate crucial cognitive processes. Programming is presented via gamified dual-task activities using SMARTfit’s iOS/Android App user interface.  This makes therapy more interesting and enjoyable while also addressing both executive function and upper extremity impairments concurrently.

SMARTfit allows Occupational Therapists to design individualized programs for visual, auditory, and proprioceptive training, and then using our therapist reporting software, track and validate results using the real-time data collection feature in the iOS/Android App. Results can easily be exported to integrate with other reporting standards.

How SMARTfitOS Works in Occupational Therapy Environments:

SMARTfit’s predesigned programming provides activities that can be used for:

  • Visual-motor and visual-perceptual training 
  • Enhancing visual reaction time
  • Improving balance and activity tolerance
  • Increasing upper extremity strength, range of motion, and endurance
  • Refining motor stills and coordination
  • Improving problem solving skills, bilateral and hand-eye coordination
SMARTfitOS Occupational Therapy
Woman SMARTfitOS for Occupational Therapy

SMARTfitOS Offers These Key Benefits to Therapists:

  • Delivers broad clinical utility and patient inclusion criteria.
  • Incorporates dual-tasking activities for neurological, orthopedic, and sensory integration.
  • Includes a broad range of treatment-specific protocols, making it easy to get started.
  • Our therapist reporting software includes a time-saving baseline and progress report generator.
  • Provides easy set-up and quick access to programs.

Patients are Motivated to Complete their Treatment:​

  • SMARTfit is engaging, fun and motivating regardless of the patient’s age or ability
  • Progressive programming motivates participation by building on patient success
  • Engaging therapeutic activities promote both retention as well as fast recovery
  • The ability to see session-to-session progress motivates patients to complete their treatment
"SMARTfit has been a great addition to our facilities and we are absolutely in love with this machine which we use for cognitive reaction time, sequencing, crossing mid-line, and balance training. In addition to our occupational therapists using SMARTfit, our speech therapists and physical therapists are using it as well. SMARTfit has been a great addition to our facilities and I encourage anybody out there looking for something to set yourself apart from the pack then take a look at SMARTfit."

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