Memory Care, Long-Term Care, Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing Facilities

SMARTfit® turnkey brain health cognitive-motor training programs are easy to implement in senior living, long-term care, skilled nursing, assisted living, and dedicated memory care facilities. Predesigned personal training and small group programs make it easy to customize for almost any level of cognitive-motor ability while allowing staff to track progress, scale challenges and deliver progress reporting. Participants enjoy the challenges which are delivered as games making the sessions fun.

Brain research continues to confirm the concept of neuroplasticity, the brain’s ability to change and adapt, even rewire itself, when challenged to do so regardless of age. Science is also confirming that dual tasking, the combination of cognitive and motor training that simultaneously engages the motor system and simultaneous cognitive tasks, creates better results than doing either exercise or cognitive training alone.

In addition to improving cognitive performance and motor-skills, combining cognitive training and exercise together can encourage healthy brain structure and function. Certain neurotransmitters are released during tasks that are particularly engaging and novel, combining with the beneficial neurotransmitters released during exercise to create a “brain-healthy cocktail” that accelerate neuroplasticity, encourage healthy brain function, and can create improved outcomes in mood and physical performance.

Specialized Cognitive-Motor Training Activities in Senior Living Communities

SMARTfit provides a modern data supported, cognitive-motor training option that is a natural fit with memory care programs. Our software is customizable and scalable to fit the needs of each participant, regardless of age or ability.

A combination of enjoyable, safe, socially engaging and ability-scaled programming provides a perfect foundation for senior memory care programs.

SMARTfit Programming is Tailored For Older Adults

Programming for older adults must be adaptable and customizable to meet the specific needs of each person while also being challenging and fun without being overwhelming.

SMARTfit’s turnkey programming modules are specifically designed to meet the needs of each person, regardless of ability level:

A Single Session Using SMARTfit can Address Multiple Domains of The Brain

  • Memory – Memory pairs, pairing and sequence activities.
  • Attention – Seeking and tracking activities, and cognitive motor dual-tasks
  • Processing speed – Chase the Color, Knock the Lights Out, and tracking activities
  • Executive Functioning – Equations activities, track left/right/both, impulse control training
  • Language – Spelling attention letters (track, seek), memory letters (pair, sequence)

How SMARTfit Works

SMARTfit provides turnkey customizable programs that run at the touch of a button, making it easy for staff to learn and implement. Each memory care exercise is accompanied with a short video instruction for the trainer to view before implementing. This ensures the activities are executed with care and safety in mind.

A key component of SMARTfit’s cloud capability for retirement communities it that it allows program managers at head office to design programming and monitor individuals who are located in multiple facilities.  Through video streaming, trainers can even conduct training without entering the premises.  All that is needed is for in-house staff to set up the systems and monitor safety while the sessions are in progress.

"SMARTfit is the only reliable tool..."

”SMARTfit has provided our facility a turnkey solution to providing cognitive-motor training in a clinical settings that is scalable, repeatable, and measurable. From dual-task assessment to programming targeted interventions, SMARTfit is the only reliable tool we feel exists to provide innovative programming for a wide variety of populations in need of both physical and cognitive stimulation.”
Ryan Glatt
Bsc. Exercise Science, KMI, FAFS.

Regardless of Age or Ability, SMARTfit has the Perfect Program for You!

After having earned your retirement, it’s time to focus on maintaining control of your life with optimal physical and mental fitness. “Active Agers” and older adults claim that SMARTfit is for the “kid in us all.”

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