Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Language Pathology & Wellness

SMARTfit systems and protocols are designed by clinicians for clinicians. Through experience, we have determined that engaging cognitive-motor dual-tasking is difficult to provide in clinical settings and to diverse patient populations with various needs. By integrating SMARTfit with existing clinic workflows and enhancing currently utilized interventions, SMARTfit enhances all aspects of patient experience and patient outcomes.


Clinical Features

  • Improve patient outcomes with dual-task training programs
  • Broad clinical utility and patient inclusion criteria
  • Measure patient progress with precise real-time tracking and objective reporting with data visualization
  • Default and customizable exercise programs for a variety of patient populations and needs
  • Setups available for one-on-one or group activities
  • Increase patient retention and referrals with a novel and engaging experiences
  • Engage and motivate patients with enjoyable training sessions
Man in wheelchair using SMARTfit

Occupational Therapy

Provides powerful cognitive-motor training solutions


Focuses on improving cognitive motor connectivity in the pediatric population

Sports Rehabilitation

Visual Cognitive Motor Training and return-to-play evaluation for athletes

Medical Wellness

Solutions for applications in clinical settings

Medical Rehab

Enhances all aspects of patient experience and patient outcomes

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