Leading Universities Collaborate to Research SMARTfit Technology at Rancho Los Amigos

University of Southern California, Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center, Harvard University, and University of Georgia, have joined forces to research new technology that is designed to enhance visual, cognitive and motor performance in the areas of stroke, Parkinson’s Disease and concussion syndrome.

On July 10th University of Southern California, Rancho Los Amigos, Harvard University, and University of Georgia staff came together in collaboration to research SMARTfit visual cognitive motor technology.

The event took place at Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center and was hosted by SMARTfit, Inc.

Event at Rancho discussing SMARTfit

Guest speakers, Phillip D. Tomporowski, PhD and Martin Teicher, MD, PhD, discussed the motor cognitive relationship in rehab and the fact that SMARTfit will play a key factor at Rancho Los Amigos moving forward.

Phillip D. Tomporowski, PhD, a world leading Kinesiologist, and who has written some of the most substantially respected papers on kinesiology, learning and cognitive brain plasticity spoke to the staff.

Martin Teicher, MD, PhD also spoke to the staff. Teicher developed the Quotient, the only FDA approved ADHD diagnostic and treatment program, which is also used by the PAC 12 university’s concussion program.

Both Tomporowski Teicher also spoke about their research.

The team then toured the hospital which included inpatient and outpatient facilities, as well as the wellness facilities where SMARTfit has been installed in each one of these departments.

Inpatient Facility Receives SMARTfit Mini

The inpatient system received a SMARTfit mini on wheels so they can roll the system to patient’s beds. The SMARTfit Mini was developed as an inspiration from Rancho who requested a portable mini that could go bed to bed. The SMARTfit mini also carries the Rancho Los Amigos name because it was inspired by them.

Outpatient Facility Receives SMARTfit Single

The SMARTfit Single is placed in the outpatient center and will be used for higher level treatment with a focus on stroke, concussion, and older adults.

Wellness Receives SMARTfit Mini

The SMARTfit Single has also been placed in the wellness center group exercise room. One-on-one exercises will be available for patients visiting the wellness center and for the members, group exercise programs will also be available.

SMARTfit and Rancho Start Extensive Study in Creating Programming.

Next month SMARTfit and Rancho staff will be undergoing extensive training on setting up the applications, programming, and more, with focus on stroke, concussion, dementia, in addition to active aging issues such as balance and memory.

The Rancho staff will be participating in an extensive study in creating programming for their facilities. The plan for them is to validate SMARTfit’s protocols which will be placed in the cloud-based version later this year for our clients to download.

Protocols will include the Rancho stamp and Dr Martin Teicher and Dr. Phillip Tomporowski will participate in the validation process.

SMARTfitOS 2019 from SMARTfit OS Platform on Vimeo.

SMARTfit is a cutting-edge rehabilitation technology that aids in expediting the rehab process for individuals that have acute, residual and/or ongoing cognitive processing and motor weakness following stroke, brain injury/concussions and degenerative pathologies such as Parkinson’s Disease.

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