In-Room Brain and Body Training Helps Slow Loss of ADL’s and is Far More Cost Effective

As we exit the pandemic, LTC, AL and Memory Care Facilities are facing skyrocketing costs associated with loss of ADL performance, as well as cognitive decline in their residents.

Maintaining both cognitive and physical health is a primary concern for aging adults and those who make decisions about their care, typically their children.  Those considering long-term care options are increasingly seeking the inclusion of brain health programs which focus on improving ADLs (activities of daily living).

In creating a cost effective solution SMARTfit looked to eliminating the time required to bring residents to and from the gym, instead providing a solution that can be delivered room-to-room by a single therapist or trainer. Focusing on Brain and Body activities with SMARTfit gamification is fun, engaging and is correlated with improved balance and with the thought processes involved in ADLs.

Our new portable SMARTfit Mini can be easily moved from room to room and takes only 3-5 minutes to set up.  This reduces staff costs by allowing a single staff person to safely facilitate both a brain and body exercise program in under 30 minutes per session.

In addition, we have created a combination baseline and progress  test which can measure and track each person’s results, providing a clear map of how every individual is doing over time.  For multi-site organizations, SMARTfit’s cloud-based client/trainer management system provides the head office with clear reporting on the progress of each resident and trainer at each facility, eliminating the need to physically visit each site.

Schedule a Zoom demonstration to learn more about how you can promote your business with a marketing tool that goes to the heart of family priorities related to choosing a care facility for their loved ones.

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