Hornsby Hospital Shares Their Clinical Experience With SMARTfit

Presented by: Taryn Fox OT, Hornsby Hospital, Sydney, Australia.

We received the SMARTfit Strike Pods in January of this year for use with a wide variety of over 65 patients using them in the rehab, outpatients and the pediatric wards.  They have become part of the weekly routine and patients look forward to their sessions where we use them for:

  • All levelled seated
  • All levelled standing
  • Different Heights seated
  • Different Heights standing

Some patients with balance issues require a walk belt. We start by making a weekly list of who will be on the system and set each person’s goals.

We have a lot of joy playing on SMARTfit. The sound effects of the system as well as the joy of playing tends to attract an audience where participants support and encourage each other which results in a little in-house competition. We monitor scores to motivate engagement and improvement. It also encourages patients who are usually resistant to join in and feel included.

We use the stands to adjust the heights of the pods and spread them around depending on the patients abilities and we are able to do joint sessions with physiotherapists for upper and lower limb therapy.

Our patients are enjoying the technology of the SMARTfit which are used for both orthopedic and neurological rehab. We find it assists with balance, neglect, cognition and coordination and we do see benefits and are seeing great use of the SMARTfit system.

The OT assistants set it up and the patients look forward to their SMARTfit session.  We do tend to set it up more frequently if the patients ask. Families appreciate it and enjoy the modern aspect of it as SMARTfit does not present as a therapy. They enjoy seeing their family members engaging in therapy that is a lot of fun.

We use progressive programming capability of SMARTfit starting with track games and then add the multiple choice games as patients respond to the added challenge.  Once they come to play they don’t want to stop and often they have to take the patients away.

With pediatrics we spread the pods out so that we can get the kids to move.  SMARTfit is very engaging and easy to operate and set up.

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