Post Stroke Recovery Exercises Using SMARTfit Strike Pods

Raul Murillo, was in a coma for 5 days after his stroke where, upon waking, discovered he was paralyzed on the left side of his body. Unable to take care of himself for the first time in his life, he experienced the terrifying effects of having to rely on the medical staff and his friends to help with cope with every need.

Raul says, “I was told the unthinkable news that I may never fully recover enough to continue my career as an athletic trainer.  Understand, I train people to win and be their best physically and was now faced the possibility of being dependent on others for all my needs.  I could not imagine anything worse.”

“I am a fighter when it comes to my independence so I threw myself into my recovery determined to get back to normal life quickly so I decided to use SMARTfit, my favorite training tool I use to train my athletes, and applied its neuro rehab programs on myself to do my post stroke recovery exercises.  It is working well and I am enjoying the exercises and can feel it working.  In fact, it makes me feel better because there is hope that I can make a fully recovery and that is motivating.”

Today, using the SMARTfit Strike Pods, Raul does the SMARTfit advanced exercises for stroke patients to quicken both his cognitive and his motor skills and it is proving to be both challenging and rewarding.

In this exercise, Raul is doing a post stroke rehabilitation exercise calls for him to use his right, left or both hands to strike the targets.  The dual task demands on his cognitive and motor system are intense but help him accelerate his decision-making and inhibitory control skills while making sure he uses the correct hand/s when the cues call for his response. Other SMARTfit exercises allow him to incorporate leg therapy in a similar way.

He smiles, “I usually use SMARTfit for training my athletes as it is great at pushing them to the next level. Now, with my stroke, I’m here using SMARTfit to take me to the next level in my recovery.”

We are excited to announce our new SMARTfit home rehab kit for stroke and Parkinson’s , which is a home exercise program for stroke patients that includes:

  • Post Stroke Recovery Exercises
  • Exercises for slowing the onset of Parkinson’s

It’s affordably priced and includes 18 months warranty, a free subscription to new programming and upgrades for a year.  It is not only a fast way to recover, it is also fun and engaging which ensures patients look forward to their training sessions.

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