SMARTfit Software Updates in First Quarter of 2021

New Test Reporting: This upgrade provides instant reporting to the dual task cost tests which have been created by our clinical advisors so they can be uses for baseline and progress reporting. This Video shows how this can be done:

Play Tab and Provided Videos to Explain How Each Section Works:

Learning how the App works. Here are the revised videos that will help you to find what you need quickly:


In an effort to make it easier to understand how the games work we have sorted them into folders by type and provided a training video in each folder.  

Free Activities Tab is now labeled Predesigned Activities:

This Tab provides folders that add physical exercises to the games showing the right form and function while the games are being played.  These set up the right conditions for the specific cognitive-motor engagement to achieve the desired outcome.  Trainers and therapists can use these activities to build out a program for each client within their client accounts.  Within each folder, we have further sorted the activities into specifically labeled folders to guide trainers/therapists more directly to what they need.  Also, the search feature allows you to find exercises more quickly.

Free Programs Tab is now labeled Predesigned Programs:

This Tab provides folders of predesigned activities that are grouped into programs that are ready to go.  Each programs has a list of activities that cycle through showing videos before starting and collecting data for progress reporting purposes.  This ensures that the trainer is using safe practices when playing the games.  

SMARTfit Neuro Programming for the Strike Pods:

This wonderful package of 72 exercises designed for older adults and patients recovering from stroke and Parkinson’s is now available in the commercial fitness mode.


The pre-designed activities and programs appear in the following modes.

  • Rehab: Orthopedic rehab, Neuro-rehab, Motor-Vestibular, and Brain Health for Older Adults
  • Commercial Fitness/Sports: Fitness by Gunnar Peterson, Brain Health for Older Adults, Youth Programming and Sports Performance.  Sports Performance is going to get a great new make-over in early 2021.

What to Expect in Software Upgrades Second Quarter 2021:

  1. Group training: This feature will allow multiple participants to track their data in a single workout session without logging them out and in each time.
  2. Organization groups: This feature will allow multiple sites to work under one password protected group allowing them to build shared programming and review progress data at each site.
  3. Sports Performance/tactical training for military/police/fire: This section is currently being rewritten to cater for high performance sports and tactical training.  It will be backed by science, competitive and loaded with fun challenges for all demographic levels.


All customer purchasing systems prior to April 1st 2021 will receive the continued subscription free of charge. After October 1,  customers will receive 12 months of free subscription. After 12 months, the subscription prices are as follows:

  • Level 1: FREE – There is no fee for bug fixes and new games.
  • Level 2: Optional: $39US per month for new programming content, participation in leaderboards, online competitions, and access to normative data when it becomes available.
  • Level 3: Optional: Monthly fee for subscriptions to specialized programming created by industry experts.
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