SMARTfit Now Runs on Microsoft Azure, HIPAA compliant

  • Data securely stored and accessed via iOS/Android mobile applications
  • Allows private accounts for managing data, reporting, and statistics
  • On-line software upgrades & controller management
  • User definable group management: Franchises, club chains, districts, etc

3 Modes

Rehab, Older Adults and Assessments:

Includes more power and features for rehab. Now offered on UL certified SMARTfit Mini. Software modules offer turnkey programming for: 

  • orthopedic rehab, 
  • neuro rehab, 
  • vestibular and motor rehab, 
  • 55 and over (independent and assisted). 

5-minute Assessment: SMARTfit’s first of a kind cognitive and motor assessment module.  This five minute test designed for older adults provides the most powerful dual task cost test of cognitive and motor capabilities as a baseline and progress measure.  It also point out to ideal pre-designed workouts that focus on improving weaknesses.

Fitness/Sports Mode:

Includes 1,000 pre-designed activities and turnkey programs accompanies by how-to videos and organized into four folders: orthopedic, neuro,  motor-vestibular and brain health.

Focused programming for commercial and home fitness and sports performance training. Includes over 1,000 pre-designed activities and turnkey programs accompanies by how-to videos available at the tap of your finger and organized into four folders: 

  • Fitness training designed by celebrity trainier, Gunnar Peterson; 
  • Sports performance skills training for beginner through advanced level; 
  • Brain health training for assisted and independent older adults; 
  • PE drills for K through 3rd grade.  

Home Fitness/Sports Solutions:

Easy access to fitness and sports performance training for the whole family.


Tests Tab Now Includes Instant Report Generator and Guide to Programming

Neuropsychological Tests combined with a motor activity.

Trail Making A

Trail Making B

Digit Span Forward

Digit Span Backwards

Corsi Block

Symbol Comparision


Serial 7’s


Dual Task Cost Testing and Training by renowned expert Mike Studer now includes instant reporting:

Lower Extremity x9

Balance x12

Gait x12

Each test includes a physical test, a cognitive test and the combined physical and cognitive test which will provide the DTC (dual task cost). Instant reporting is now included.

Here is an example of a dual task cost test as it would be used as a baseline test:

Neuro-rehab Kit

Planned for 2021

API (application program interface):

This is a computing interface which allows input and defined output to happen between SMARTfit and other technologies that want to drive SMARTfit or pull data from SMARTfit.  This is very important for large organizations looking to integrate SMARTfit with their programs

Groups on the Cloud:

This feature will allow a customer to create a group in which they can set up their own programming and share with multiple members.  This is important for large groups, such as to franchises, club chains, retirement communities, government programs, school districts, etc.  Here they will be able to set up their own programs from head office and execute, monitor and track individuals in an unlimited number of locations.

Group Play:

This feature will allow for the tracking of multiple individuals in group activities.  This will make it easy to integrate SMARTfit as a station in group programs and keep track of each participant’s data.  There are lots of opportunities for SMARTfit in group play programming for all populations.

SMARTfit License Content for SMARTfit Mini and Single

   Software License Now Availalbe in 3 Modes:



Home Fit/

Universal Features:

14 folders of gamified categories with variable difficulties and challenges including: track, seek (multiple choice), impulse control, metronome, Go/No-Go, Memory, Spelling, Equations, symbol comparision and more.

Easy customizable programming and reporting/exporting options

Therapist-Client management capability: Multiple trainers managing and monitoring unlimited number of clients

Test Tab - Cognitive-Motor Baseline Tests:

Dual Task Cost Test for older adults by renowned expert Mike Studer: Lower Extremity x9; Balance x12; Gait x12
Each test includes a physical test, a cognitive test and the combined physical and cognitive test which will provide the DTC (dual task cost).

Neuropsychological Tests combined with a motor activity - 9 new including: Trail Making A & B, Digit Span Forward & Backwards, Corsi Block, Symbol Comparison, Stroop, Serial 7’s, and Flanker.

Pre-designed Activities and Programs with How-To Videos:

Rehab: PT, OT and speech covering the following topics: Orthopedic, Neuro, Motor-Vestibular training 

Older adults: Cognitive-Motor and ADL training for Independent and Assisted seniors.

Fitness Programming by celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson

Programming for sports performance, tactical, PE, and education

License Access to Modes:

The Rehab License give you access to:

The Fit/Sports/Tactical License gives you access to:

The Home Fit/Sport License gives you access to:

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