Take the SMARTfit Dual Task Journey to Cognitive-Motor Mastery

It starts with a game that triggers the desire to play. Then, through highly engaging repetition powered by the desire to achieve, it rapidly evolves into skilled action without conscious thought (automaticity).  SMARTfit’s target screens naturally draw focus, decision-making and motor interaction into skill development at any level.

Measure - Repair - Prevent - Slow - Perform

  • Measure – Cognitive Function While Moving
  • Repair  – Medical Orthopedic/Neuro Rehab, Autism Spectrum, Stroke and Vestibular Health
  • Prevent  – Mild Cognitive Impairment, Dementia, Falls in Independent and Assisted Older Adults
  • Slow – Onset of Parkinson’s, MCI, dementia
  • Perform  – ADL, Professional and Collegiate Sports, Fitness, Youth Development and Education

What's New in 2020 on SMARTfit's OS Platform:

We are pleased to inform you of 5 significant enhancements to SMARTfit.

(Click on the tabs to learn more.)

SMARTfit Now Runs on Microsoft Azure, HIPAA compliant

  • Data securely stored and accessed via iOS/Android mobile applications
  • Allows for remote access to accounts, data, and statistics
  • Continuum of care: in-patient – out-patient – wellness – club – Home
  • Physical Distance Svs: Remote program design, delivery and monitoring
  • Software upgrades & controller management
  • Customizable market Interface: Medical, Commercial Fitness and Home
  • Subscriptions: B2B and B2C
  • Collection and sharing of normative data
  • User definable group management: Franchises, club chains, districts, etc

Normative Data:

Capable to develop and provide normative data.

Visit our SMARTfit Cloud FAQ page for more.

The SMARTfit OS Platform License is Now Offered in 3 Modes

Medical/Rehab/Assisted Living:

Includes more power and features for rehab such as over 1,000 pre-designed activities and turnkey programs accompanies by how-to videos available at the tap of your finger and organized into four folders: orthopedic, neuro,  motor-vestibular and brain health.  

In addition, the medical license includes our new TEST tab offering a comprehensive battery of 5 minute neuropsychological and dual task cost assessments which have been designed by industry experts for use as baseline tests. Now exclusively offered on the UL certified SMARTfit Mini and Single models.

The medical/rehab license will include access to both the commercial fitness and the home fitness modes.  


Focused programming for commercial fitness and sports performance training. Includes more power and features for fitness and sports training such as over 1,000 pre-designed activities and turnkey programs accompanies by how-to videos available at the tap of your finger and organized into four folders: Fitness (Turnkey fitness programming designed by celebrity trainier Gunnar Peterson); sports performance skills training for multiple sports for beginner through advanced level; brain health for assisted and independent older adults; PE drills for K through 3rd grade.  

This license will include access to the home fitness mode.

Home Fitness/Sports Solutions:

Easy access to fitness and sports performance training for the whole family.

Three Improvements to the Play Tab to Improve User Experience

Game Categories: Now grouped into folders by type with video explanations on user settings +New game categories:
Metronome – Trains rhythm and timing concurrently with striking targets Level 1 Level 2
  • Stopwatch – Allows for counting of physical reps
  • Timer – Allows for timed physical activities
New Pre-designed Activities with how-to videos: Includes sub-folders to improve access to content (An activity is a game combined with a physical/motor exercise) Pre-designed Programs with how-to videos:
  • Easy access to turnkey programs specifically designed for a wide variety of training applications
  • Includes all previously designed programs
  • New: 78 pre-designed programs
(Grouping of activities to create programs that run at the tap of a finger, collect data and provide progress reports) VERY Important: Now that the Cloud is being released in July, it is important to know that additional upgrades are going to happen frequently. Stay tuned as we move our focus to adding exciting content for sports and youth population.

A New Cloud-Based Baseline Tests With Real-Time Tracking

Neuropsychological Tests combined with a motor activity.

12 new including:

Dual Task Cost – Test/Training by renowned expert Mike Studer:

Each test includes a physical test, a cognitive test and the combined physical and cognitive test which will provide the DTC (dual task cost).

Announcing a new system that can be operated from home under the remote supervision of a therapist/trainer

Turnkey System w/3 Strike Pods, Duffel and Stands

Software License:
SMARTfit software license for medical and fitness applications.


3 levels of specialized pre-designed programming for neuro patients recovering from stroke, Parkinson’s, MS, MCI, concussion and other TBI conditions as well as for older adults wanting to maintain cognitive and vestibular fitness. This 3 SMARTfit Turnkey Strike Pod 3 Kit is packaged and priced for portability and comes ready to deliver to clients wanting to do rehab/train at home under the online supervision of their therapist. (soon available via our Cloud platform).

8 folders of gamified categories with variable difficulties and challenges as well as customizable programming, performance tracking and reporting.

107 brain health exercises addressing transfers, reaching, power, fine motor/dexterity, stepping and balance in
seated, assisted and standing positions. 

Includes Extensive Turnkey Programming for Neurotherapy including:

  • Stroke
  • Parkinson’s
  • Concussion
  • Vestibular-balance
  • Brain Health training for older adults

Coming in 3rd Quarter

API (application program interface):

This is a computing interface which allows input and defined output to happen between SMARTfit and other technologies that want to drive SMARTfit or pull data from SMARTfit.  This is very important for large organizations looking to integrate SMARTfit with their programs

Groups on the Cloud:

This feature will allow a customer to create a group in which they can set up their own programming and share with multiple members.  This is important for large groups, such as to franchises, club chains, retirement communities, government programs, school districts, etc.  Here they will be able to set up their own programs from head office and execute, monitor and track individuals in an unlimited number of locations.

Group Play:

This feature will allow for the tracking of multiple individuals in group activities.  This will make it easy to integrate SMARTfit as a station in group programs and keep track of each participant’s data.  There are lots of opportunities for SMARTfit in group play programming for all populations.

We are working on adding the 2020 updates to the SMARTfit Academy

How will SMARTfit Academy help you?

SMARTfit Academy will help you to leverage the benefits of SMARTfit at your facility and give you the skills that are in demand in your profession.

There are three levels of SMARTfit Certification:

  • SMARTfit Basic Operation and Gamified Categories
  • Mastering SMARTfit Programming Customizing
  • SMARTfit for Long-term Client Growth

When complete, you will be invited to continue your training by taking continuing education units (CEU’s) developed by industry experts. We are hard at work developing additional courses in collaboration with some of the brightest experts in the industry. Throughout 2020 and beyond, SMARTfit Academy will be updated with courses that provide these CEUs for you and your team.

SMARTfit License Content for SMARTfit Mini

SMARTfit OS Cloud-Based Platform

   Software License Now Availalbe in 3 Modes:



Home Fit/

Universal Features:

10 folders of gamified categories with variable difficulties and challenges including: track, seek (multiple choice), metronome, Go/No-Go, Memory, Spelling, Equations, symbol comparision and more.

Easy customizable programming and reporting/exporting options

Therapist-Client management capability: Multiple trainers managing and monitoring unlimited number of clients

Test Tab - Medical/Rehab Specific Functionality:

Dual Task Cost - Test/Training by renowned expert Mike Studer: Lower Extremity x9; Balance x12; Gait x12
Each test includes a physical test, a cognitive test and the combined physical and cognitive test which will provide the DTC (dual task cost).

Neuropsychological Tests combined with a motor activity
+ 12 new including: Trail Making A & B, Digit Span Forward & Backwards, Corsi Block, Symbol Comparison, Stroop, Serial 7’s, and Flanker

Turnkey Programming:

Extensive new programming for older adults consists of over 600 new video supported dual task activities and addresses both Independent and Assisted seniors.

Turnkey Programming by celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson

Turnkey Programming for sports performance, PE, and education

License Access to Modes:

The Med/Rehab License give you access to:

The Fit/Sport License gives you access to:

The Home Fit/Sport License gives you access to:

* Customers who purchased the SMARTfit Single for rehab purposes will receive everything above except for the Test Tab.

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