Coming in 2020 for SMARTfit

SMARTfit upgrades planned for release in the first quarter of 2020

SMARTfit is migrating to the Cloud to increase connectivity to practices and their clients. This includes:

  • Access to higher level programming developed by industry experts will be made available via our cloud-based subscriptions.
    Cognitive-motor testing and assessments. We are preparing a folder of predesigned cognitive-motor assessments and tests that have validation in other technologies. (Cross validation will commence in January.)
  • Collection of normative data for evaluation and validation. Dr Martin Teicher of Harvard Medical School has agreed to lead the research and refinement of these tests to cross-validate them with other technologies. This collection of normative data will provide a range of data not previously available, which will help us to connect assessments to training recommendations.
  • Multiple Languages: The SMARTfit User Interface will be offered in multiple languages, enabling seamless use internationally.
  • Access to client data from any SMARTfit system which will allow for continuum of care where clients/patients will be able to work out on any system and continue to build on their data as they move from inpatient, to outpatient, to wellness and finally, out to their local fitness club.
  • Consumer subscription – in addition to B2B subscription services, end-users will be allowed to subscribe personally in order to access their own data.
  • SMARTfit Academy: We expect to launch our SMARTfit Academy where customers will receive interactive training and certificates of competence. Graduates will be able to sign up for Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for courses in concussion, stroke, MCI, orthopedic rehab and much more.

Customers purchasing systems prior to the release of the Cloud version of SMARTfit will be offered lifetime (5 years) free access to all services offered on the Cloud.

Contact us for more information on this once-in-a-lifetime special opportunity.

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