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Banner Concussion Center Uses SMARTfit to Engage Patients and Improve Outcomes

SMARTfit technology trains the brain and body to work together to improve performance for rehab, wellness, and human performance applications.  This focuses on concussion rehab.

Banner – University Sports Medicine and Concussion Specialists use SMARTfit as a key component of their comprehensive approach to concussion care. They provide baseline concussion testing for children and adults to identify neurocognitive, balance, fine-motor and visual integration challenges.

SMARTfit is a smart choice, says Elizabeth McQueary, OT, and Concussion Specialist.  I really enjoy this tool. I use it every day with almost all of my patients. They love it!  Some refuse to leave without working out on SMARTfit.  It is a great tool that advances otherwise basic care plans and makes it more engaging and motivating for patients.

I use it for patients from all age groups.  My youngest patient is 7 and my oldest is 70.  It is so versatile and maximizes my ability to treat in the short time available. I use my iPad to choose programming and I can easily change things up as I go. It gives the patient insight into how they are doing because you can track results and show how they perform one day to the next.

 I find SMARTfit’s Dual-Task Cost tests and retests helpful as a great way to track objectively how a patent is progressing and how they improve over time. They are a great time saver to print out data that can support the benefits of the treatment and assist in effective and clear documentation.

SMARTfit is wonderful. I can use it in so many different ways and it is a great tool in my clinic.” 

To learn more about SMARTfit book a free personalized demo using the link below.

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