Avoiding Concussions – TurningPoint Incorporates SMARTfit in Concussion Avoidance Program

Since acquiring a SMARTfit for their two locations in Colorado Springs earlier this year, TurningPoint Medical Group has incorporated the SMARTfit into its Concussion Avoidance Program (CAP). This program is designed to improve an athletes dynamic balance in conjunction with cognitive performance, to help in avoiding concussions. 

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The objective is to use dual tasking to strengthen the sensory motor control in the brain stem, which can help reduce the risk of concussions. Exercises that challenge the balance, while touching sensors (targets) as different pictures appear, working both the body and the mind, can strengthen the sensory motor control of the brain stem which can reduce the risk of concussions.

“TurningPoint’s concussion avoidance program is evidence based and the first in the world,” states Owner Markus Earnst in an interview with KKTV11. 

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