Atlantis Physical Therapy Relies on SMARTfit in Their Neuro-Rehabilitation and Brain Health Programs

Ruth Kurihara
Owner, Atlantis Physical Therapy

Atlantis Physical Therapy, located in Torrance, CA and a franchisee of the Fyzical group, has long been a trusted partner by the region’s physicians in vestibular and balance rehabilitation.  Since 2019, as one of the first PT facilities to purchase SMARTfit, owner Ruth Kurihara, has expanded to offer a more comprehensive approach by combining traditional physical and occupational therapy featuring dual-task training that employs both cognitive and physical activity simultaneously.

Brain research continues to confirm the concept of neuroplasticity: the brain’s ability to change, adapt and even rewire itself when challenged to do so. Research also confirms that patient engagement and high repetitions of motor movement are needed for neuroplasticity to begin. Because constant motivation for neuro rehab patients is often challenging, SMARTfit has been designed to be fun and engaging while also scaling all games to meet each ​individual’s cognitive and physical ability.

“SMARTfit is an amazing piece of equipment. It has allowed us to take our neuro and ortho rehab programs to a new level. Best of all, its scalable to meet the varied needs of our patients regardless of their abilities. The patients find it engaging unlike anything they have done before. They look forward to using it and feel a real sense of accomplishment and progression.  The SMARTfit system has become a cornerstone of our new Covid-19 Rehab program and allowed us to develop a more robust Functional Aging/Brain Health Program. It has truly transformed how we deliver patient care.” Explains Kurihara.

SMARTfit Technology Helps Improve Physical Performance and Brain Health with Dual-Tasking

The SMARTfit Physical Therapy program puts a focus on improving motor and cognitive outcomes, both independently and simultaneously. It can aid in the treatment of orthopedic and neurological conditions in an integrated manner, eliminating the mind-body dualism of most rehab approaches. By leveraging the most cutting-edge methodologies in rehabilitation, Atlantis therapists can now implement dual-tasking, optimal motor learning, gamified rehab, and target-based movement to any need, from post-operative knee surgeries to traumatic brain injuries.

SMARTfit’s pre-designed programming offers easy-to-access activities for all of our patient population including:

  • Seniors with Balance and Gait Issues
  • Concussion Patients
  • Stroke Patients
  • Parkinson’s Disease Patients
  • Patients with Movement Disorders
  • Patients on the Autism Spectrum
  • Anyone Looking to Improve Cognitive Abilities

Medicare and most major PPOs will pay for these services. Find out more at:

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