SMARTfitOS Platform

The SMARTfitOS Platform, SMARTfit’s proprietary operating system, is made up of a combination of four software and hardware components that deliver advanced technology through the SMARTfit line of training solutions. These are designed to focus on measuring and training human visual-cognitive-motor integration regardless of age or ability.

The SMARTfitOS platform has the power and speed to match, measure and enhance the fastest possible athletic cognitive and motor processing. It is also adaptable for rehab patients including Stroke, Parkinson’s Disease, TBI, geriatric and children on the autism spectrum. This is achieved by placing participants in an environment where they engage at their level of capability by making physical contact with sensitized target screens placed strategically in front of and around them. Gamified activities using sound, score and a timer prompts them to utilize their visual-cognitive-motor capability to achieve improved outcomes.

The SMARTfitOS Platform is composed of four integrated software/hardware elements:

  1. The SMARTfit Controller: consists of an operating system that manages engagement through gamification which is set up with a time clock, sound system and scoreboard. It is capable of processing speed sufficient to match and exceed the fastest human motor performance. The screens are designed to engage a wide range of cognitive and motor functionality in a 360-degree space. 
  2. Target Screens: multiple touch sensitized target screens are capable of working together by displaying a wide variety of visual cues with which the player interacts by performing physical, motor and cognitive tasks. A score is produced representing speed, accuracy and resonse time and this data is captured for reporting purposes. 
  3. Sensing System: The SMARTfit sensing system is capable of adjusting the tactile range of light to heavy contact and is useful in training proprioception and measuring the visual-cognitive-motor responses of participants.
  4. User Interface: Operators interact with the equipment via SMARTfit’s iOS/Android user-friendly interface app. Here, they can set up clients, select, design and input personalized programs, run the equipment, measure progress and generate baseline and progress reports. Soon to be on the Cloud, the secure SMARTfit user interface App is also the interface to connecting with other professionals and key opinion leaders. This way, a physical therapist can create a program focused on treating patients with orthopedic or neurological conditions, scale and track progress as well as generate valid reporting. 

SMARTfitOS enables the creation of content that can scale from low cognitive using sensitized targets featuring colors and shapes to high cognitive memory, spelling and math games, all delivered while engaging participants in customized physical exercise, all designed to wake up the brain and spark the development of new neurons and physical skills. This practice, known in the physical therapy world as dual-tasking, is quickly becoming widely recognized for its ability to ignite neurogenesis and neuro repair. 

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