Month: September 2020

Patients Progress Reporting Provides BURD PT With Essential Tools

Patients Progress Reporting Provides BURD PT With Essential Tools Patients Progress Reporting Provides BURD PT With Essential Tools

If you have ever been to our clinic, one of the first machines you will notice is the SMARTfit machine. This is a great tool we use with patients which provides reporting needed to track our patient’s progress throughout their rehab here. One of the main things we look at with our patient’s progress is […]

Using SMARTfit in Clinical Experience at Neurotek

Bev Quee shares how Neurotek are using SMARTfit in clinical experience in their clinic.   SMARTfit is effective for a broad range of neurological and orthopedic indactions and lends itself to rehab by offering the following features: Repetition High dose CNS input Feedback Challenging Rewarding Task oriented training Motivating Attention demanding Problem solving SMARTfit facilitates: […]

Hornsby Hospital Shares Their Clinical Experience With SMARTfit

Presented by: Taryn Fox OT, Hornsby Hospital, Sydney, Australia. We received the SMARTfit Strike Pods in January of this year for use with a wide variety of over 65 patients using them in the rehab, outpatients and the pediatric wards.  They have become part of the weekly routine and patients look forward to their sessions […]

Royal Rehab Hospital – Using SMARTfit in Clinical Experience by Carla Colagrassi

Carla Colagrassi, OT assistant at Royal Rehab Hospital in Sydney joined us on a Zoom call to share the hospital’s success story with SMARTfit in neuro and orthopedic rehab as well as reconditioning for patients suffering from chronic illnesses. She shared three examples to show the diversity of SMARTfit: Ken has Parkinson’s –  his goals […]


Meet Nancy, a favorite senior patient at Pearl Physical Therapy in Plattsburgh, upstate New York, who is training with Elizabeth to enhance her motor control and mobility, starting with focus on her left arm.  Her therapy is taking place on the SMARTfit Mini, a dual task training device designed to concurrently train both the brain […]

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