SMARTfit Neuromotor Rehab for Orthopedic and Neuro Applications

Brain Health & Cognitive-motor Training Rehab Solutions

SMARTfit is Designed to Enhance Cognitive-motor Performance in PT, OT and Speech Therapy Applications

SMARTfit engages mental and physical functions utilizing the latest principles of engagement to create enriched training environments for optimal cognitive-motor stimulation. Dual task activities developed by industry experts provide easy delivery programming and protocols designed to deliver quick results.  

SMARTfit turnkey cloud-based solutions  help to increase retention, reduce report writing time and increase patient flow with its easy-to-access extensive library of filmed training protocols, report generator and assessment tools. Baseline cognitive-motor tests are efficient for providing performance changes over time in response to programs and treatment.

Each of the following market applications are supported by performance tracking and reporting:

Learn More About Current SMARTfit Applications

Physical Therapy

Neuro and Orthopedic Training Solutions for Physical Therapy​
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Occupational Therapy

Cognitive-Motor Training Programs for Occupational Therapy
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Cognitive-Sensory-Motor Programs for Youth
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Sports Rehabilitation

Cognitive-Motor Training and Return-to-Play Evaluation for Athletes
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Medical Wellness

Functional and Brain Training Programs for Wellness Programs
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Neurons that Fire Together Wire Together – Hebbian Theory

SMARTfit’s gamified programming provides an engaging, energized, and effective functional training program designed to improve cognitive, neurological and motor efficiency.

Meet our Scientific Board and Research Partners

“SMARTfit is unique in that endless combinations of cognitive and physical challenges can be presented to each user. Furthermore, IT and big-data ecosystem allows not only tracking of individual progress, but machine-learning and AI algorithms can be applied to fully quantify the neurological phenotype of entire populations and sub-populations and predict the effect of parallel training paradigms on SMARTfit.” – Charles Y. Liu, PhD, MD

Our Customers

SMARTfit Android/iOS App User Interface

SMARTfit’s Brain Health Programs address the specific cognitive and motor training needs of each user and guarantees to be a foundational technology to drive outcomes and profitability

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