SMARTfit Neuromotor Rehabilitation Programs for Orthopedic and Neuro Applications

Highly Engaging Dual-Tasking Cognitive-Motor Interventions

SMARTfit is Designed to Enhance Cognitive-motor Performance in PT, OT and Speech Therapy Applications

SMARTfit engages mental and physical functions utilizing the latest principles of engagement to create enriched training environments for optimal cognitive-motor rehabilitation interventions.

Dual task activities combined with gamification provide easy delivery of programs designed to deliver high engagement and quick results.

Developed by industry experts, SMARTfit programming improves retention, reduces report writing time and increases patient flow with its extensive library of filmed training protocols that can be delivered at the tap of a finger.

Choose a program, click start, and SMARTfit will deliver the exercises and collect progress data while freeing therapists to focus on correct form.

Our Customers


Dual Tasking Orthopedic Rehabilitation exercises developed by industry experts


Dual Tasking Neurological Rehabilitation exercises focused on stroke, concussion and sensory integration


Dual Tasking Motor Rehabilitation exercises for slowing the onset of Parkinson’s

Engaging Dual Tasking Brain Health exercises for slowing the onset of aging

See What's New with SMARTfit

Cognitive-Motor Baseline Tests

Our new Tests tab offers 15 brand-new cognitive-motor baseline tests that provide insight into brain performance when a person is moving. This is a first-ever capability and provides individuals with the opportunity to track changes in their cognitive-motor competence.

Cloud Based

SMARTfit’s programming is now accessible on the Cloud (with personal data protected under HIPAA privacy regulations) providing owners, trainers and clients with access to their personal programs and data from any SMARTfit system. This makes it easy to offer standardized programming across multiple locations and for clients to visit different facilities as they continue their training.

Neurons that Fire Together Wire Together – Hebbian Theory

SMARTfit’s gamified programming provides an engaging, energized, and effective functional training program designed to improve cognitive, neuromotor efficiency.

Meet our Scientific Board and Research Partners

“SMARTfit is unique in that endless combinations of cognitive and physical challenges can be presented to each user. Furthermore, IT and big-data ecosystem allows not only tracking of individual progress, but machine-learning and AI algorithms can be applied to fully quantify the neurological phenotype of entire populations and sub-populations and predict the effect of parallel training paradigms on SMARTfit.” – Charles Y. Liu, PhD, MD

SMARTfit Android/iOS App User Interface

  • Easy access to programming developed by industry experts.
  • SMARTfit’s wide variety of brain health programs are easy to access and personalize.
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